The 63 Jeeps outfitted by Thunder Mountain Truck are delivered to the Denver Convention for all LifeVantage Distributors to walk about and view. For most of the distributors who have earned a Jeep, this will be the first time they have seen their Jeep in person.

Each Jeep is washed, detailed and staged to show the meticulous time and detail put into each Jeep.

The Jeeps are ready for the convention to begin.


Outfitting 60 Jeeps and delivering them to Denver, Colorado for the LifeVantage Conference is no small feat. At this conference the distributors will take possession and ownership of the Jeeps. With only days remaining it’s time to get the final shipment on its way.

Loading vehicles of this value is a tedious process. The drivers are pros at this and they make sure everything is perfect for each vehicle.

The drivers make their final inspection before pulling out.

Finally, we’re on the road. Denver, here we come!

What a sight! The trip to Denver with these last loads turned out just as we had hoped for, uneventful.


With this Jeep Transformation program, LifeVantage wanted to brand the Jeeps with just the right touch. Thunder Mountain Truck achieved the perfect balance of stylish branding while giving the marketing exposure desired.

The head rests were embroider with the LifeVantage logo.

The embroider logo matched the red trim found on both the interior and exterior, of this Jeep.

The LifeVantage logo was placed on each side of the hood.

The front bumper had the LifeVantage logo laser cut into the metal bumper. The fairlead also had the logo as well as the LifeVantage name.

The rear bumper also had the LifeVantage logo laser cut into the metal bumper.

The logo and LifeVantage name was also placed over the rear fender.

The logo was laser cut into the rock slider.

The logo and LifeVantage name was also placed on each wheel. You’ll notice the graphics color also matches the Jeep’s trim color.

The LifeVantage “Badge”.

This LifeVantage recipient also placed the LifeVantage logo on the windshield in red to match the red trim of the Jeep.

A graphic was placed on both the front and rear shock reservoirs representing one of the LifeVantage products.

For those Jeeps that kept the factory tires, the logo and LifeVantage name was placed on the spare tire cover.