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Some people want to “Customize” their truck, car, SUV or Jeep, while others want to “Personalize” their vehicle. Others are looking for “Essentials” in equipment and accessories to “get the job done”. Whatever you are looking for, whether it’s for fun, work, play, or show, Thunder Mountain Truck Outfitters has all the possibilities.
Thunder Mountain Truck provides all the accessories, equipment, expertise and experience needed for the truck, auto, SUV, Jeep and off-road enthusiast, as well as those needing practical applications for work or play.
Thunder Mountain Truck Outfitters opened its doors for business in April 2008 with a showroom of 1100 square feet and an adjoining shop area of an additional 1100 square feet. Thunder Mountain quickly outgrew this facility and just over two years later moved into it’s current 15,000 square foot location in June of 2010.
This facility boasts a gorgeous 4,600 square foot showroom that often displays as many as three vehicles showing customers and visitors the latest in industry products as well as Thunder Mountain’s professional and specialized work. Thunder Mountain Truck goes above and beyond the typical showroom setting to give you, the customer, an informative and unique experience of seeing many products on the vehicle, rather than in the package or in a catalog. A visit to the Thunder Mountain showroom is always exciting and informative.
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Our shop and manufacturing areas include 7,300 square feet with the most modern and advanced equipment and technology available in the industry today.
With the combined experience of Thunder Mountain Truck and CRE Products (parent company of Thunder Mountain Truck Outfitters), we have over 25 years of experience in manufacturing, selling and installing quality automotive products.
Our interests and lifestyle are almost a mirror image of yours. If we wouldn’t put it on our vehicle, it won’t go on yours. Quality and customer service are our greatest assets and the reason why we have countless repeat customers.
If your vehicle is not your greatest investment, it is a close second. It is for us as well. This is why we offer products that combine value, quality, great looks and superior functionality.